• Olivier Rohmer, Arnaud Stoeltzlen, Jean-Michel Fuchs, Frédéric Rohmer

    Unconventional projects, reliable partnerships, satisfaction of actors and new challenges are our engines.

    Olivier Rohmer, Arnaud Stoeltzlen, Jean-Michel Fuchs, Frédéric Rohmer

  • Bernard Schalck

    No personal hassle, no financial waste, Ecosun solution comes directly from the source!

    Bernard Schalck, administrator of the SCEA Schalck society

  • Our development projects

    Transforming an abstract idea into a tangible reality, adapted to the implementation environment is also the know-how of ECOSUN Expert.

    Idrissa Seck, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Senegal.

  • Solar parks ECOSUN Expert

    Professionalism, a fruitful collaboration, compliance with the specification and timings are a reality at ECOSUN Expert.

    Régis Bauduin, head of Pôle Industrie-Services de l’Agglomération de Chaumont

  • Paul Strub

    What is the common point of any investor and ECOSUN Expert? Permanently search of secured profitability and vision to enable the development of future genuine projects.

    Paul Strub, president of Finath SA

ECOSUN you enter
at your turn in
the renewable energy era.

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I am an investor

The first mobile solar power plant!

Mobile off-grid container, Mobil-Watt® is a « plug-and-play » solar power plant which is operational within a maximum of 2 assembly hours.

Find out our deployment at the Hombourg site, with 3 persons active for the installation… and a lot of curious visitors!


Mobil-watt® deployed
Mobil-watt® deployment

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