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    Transforming an abstract idea into a tangible reality, adapted to the implementation environment is also the know-how of ECOSUN Expert.

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FRANCE - Hombourg

In the location of ECOSUN Expert of Hombpurg, 7 buildings are currently occupied by 3 tenants with industrial activities and 2 with logistics activities. Thus was achieved the initial aim of creating a group of companies in an innovative industrial areas with Positive Energy!

New tenants have recently expressed their interest in a possible innovative installation in this location, at the junction of French, German and Swiss motorways.

ECOSUN Expert started a feasibility study for a building of 7 500m² divisible (consisting of a 6 400m ² building + about 1 100m² offices) on a plot of 1.3 hectares, in the extension of the current location. The project will be conducted subject to the completion of a sufficient number of housing demands.

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